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Pre Wiring 

Building your Smart Home;

1st fix cabling materials and labour are a relatively inexpensive part of your project but the most expensive cable is the one you didn't install. Do not miss the opportunity if you are self building or renovating to lay the cables for your buildings future.

In your projects timeline there will be key moments when Smart Home wiring should be discussed.


Design Stage:

This is the best time to work on a wiring scheme for your new home. Your architect should be explaining the benefits of Smart Home living; the energy saving a building control system brings, the reassurance an advanced security system offers and the smile you'll have on your face when you have music piped into every room.

Your architect should also be putting you in contact with a reputable local Smart Home installer or Smart Electrician.


Groundworks & Foundations:

The clock is ticking now, your electrician has probably been nominated by you or your main contractor. What level of wiring are you getting? Traditional lighting layout? Basic TV wiring for the reception rooms? Has wi-fi and CCTV been discussed? Is this electrician Smart Home savvy?

This is the stage where you need to assert your desire to have Smart Home wiring. Are the electricians confident providing this and do they need a design? If a design is needed then a local Smart Home install company should work with you and your electrician to produce a wiring scheme.


Wind & Watertight:

Cabling is starting soon, it may already have begun. It's not too late but this is your last chance to get the future ready wiring in. Review what you are going to have in each room. Lighting, heating control, internet, TV, motorised blinds, HDTV or CCTV. If any of these services are needed then a cable is required. Please don't get ripped off by sales comments like "you'll have all that" or "it's wireless these days", trust me, it's not.

It is you and your family that will live in this home, make sure that the modern conveniences are catered for.


. Intelligent lighting

. Zonal heating control

. Intruder detection and CCTV

 . Whole house wi-fi

. HDTV distribution

. Multi-room music

. Home cinema


 . Remote control


Once the plaster is dry and the painters appear it's too late and your dreams of a Smart Home will have to wait until your next self build or renovation.





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