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Door Entry & Video Entry Intercom Systems

Audio and Video Door Entry Intercom Systems provide secure, controlled access for visitors to restricted door entry areas. The restricted area may be a floor of an office block, a block of flats or a private residence.


The systems can range from simple stand alone audio entry intercom systems comprising of a door entry panel externally linked to an intercom telephone handset internally or large multiple-tenant arrangements with a digital video door entry panel (or number of panels for multiple entrances) externally, linked to multiple video monitors and handsets in apartments or multiple office areas.  Our larger systems may also include a Concierge's switchboard arrangement so that visitors can be dealt with by the building Porter during certain hours.

We can Install & Service leading Door Entry & Video Entry Intercom Systems including North Supply Pantel, Videx, Stentofon, BPT and Aiphone from Integrated Door Entry to Standalone Systems, providing you with a tailored Level of Service & Response.  

We provide Residential Security Solutions and advice to protect your home and family and to help you use modern technology to stay connected from wherever you are, through the use of remote video monitoring, and so much more.  The majority of us don't think about the consequences of a break-in or even that there is any need to install an effective security device until it is too late.  


We are experienced in helping homeowners choose the best method of protecting their home whether it be with a simple burglar alarm system or integrated CCTV system.   Insurers will frequently offer a discount on the cost of content insurance if you have a burglar alarm fitted by a company certificated by a body such as the NSI/SSAIB of which we are accredited members for both trade associations.

"A burglar not only takes your possessions but also

as a lasting impact on your peace of mind." 

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