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Wireless alarm system 

 Geek-tech is pleased to offer the Enforcer 32WE (Grade 2) Complete Wireless Burglar Alarm Panel with Two Way Wireless for added Security. The Award Winning Enforcer is a wireless system that includes a control panel (Enforcer 32-WE), integrated keypad and a variety of wireless devices which all use the Pyronix two way wireless technology.

Each wireless device on the Enforcer, including keyfobs, is a transmitter and a receiver, allowing the implementation of the following technologies:


•4 Areas
•32 Wireless inputs
•80 User codes
•Up to 19 User Automation Outputs
•Up to 3 Wired Keypads/Readers
•In built proximity reader
•750 Event log with time and date
•12VAuxiliaryoutput / back up battery time 12 hours
•Pyronixtwo way wireless technology




  • Home CCTV

  • Home Wifi

  • Home Alarm

  • Business Wifi

  • Business Alarms

  • Business CCTV

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